94. Table Lantern With Stars

Yay, finally a star I'm happy with again! I had often wondered how these round table lanterns are made that basically consist of lots of pantagons with five-pointes stars on them. Now I know:

It's such a beautiful effect and amazingly simple to make:

You need glue, a ruler, and 11 pentagon-shaped pieces of paper (mine had a side length of 5 cm which is the minimum if you want to put a candle inside):
Take one pentagon and mark the middle of each of the five sides, then fold the corners along the lines like this:
(Do the same with the other 10 pieces.)
Use one piece as bottom and glue a second one to it by alining the folds on one side and gluing the overlapping little triangles to the centerpiece of the other paper (one inside, one outside):
Continue until you have five pentagons around the bottom. Then glue those to each other using the triangles again:
Make a second row just like the first one with the remaining five pieces. The triangles still standing up at the top are then each glued to the insides of their own piece:
Light a tealight, place inside and enjoy! :)


  1. That is VERY cool! Using the overlapping paper to create the pattern is pure genuis!
    I'd use a battery operated tealight myself...

  2. ooooh! so pretty! although i liked your window stars a lot too! :)

  3. That's lovely! Thank you for sharing the instructions, I will surely try this one day =)

  4. Thank you, everyone, I'm glad you like it! It was one of those projects I was really looking forward to.
    I agree with you, Ange: whoever thought of this first really did have a brilliant idea!