241. Dreamcatcher Star

I admit that I am surprised at how well this turned out eventually: It really does look like a star-shaped dreamcatcher!

(No, the picture isn't blurry, it's the web's shadow, unfortunately...)

I had learnt how to make dreamcatchers (the round kind) some 10 years ago, and now thought it couldn't be that difficult to weave such a web into a star-shaped wire frame... Well, this is the work of the past three days and, honestly, it looked rather awful most of the time so that -again and again- I was about to give up. But  for want of better alternatives I just kept going round and round and round and round... When fixing the final bead in the middle, I realised that it might not look that bad after all. By now, I think I like it.^^

1 comment:

  1. Well, if it helps at all (and I very well know it might not) : I like it! ;]
    It really looks intriguing. (And I can't believe that's how you spell "intriguing"! Looks... weird...)

    Anyway: Since you told me, you might make a star-shaped dreamcatcher, I couldn't imagine how that might look or that it might actually look good, but once again, I am amazed by the outcome of your experiments! Yay Sis!!!!