237. Zentangle Star

This star is a tribute to Yvonne and her "Freestyle Zentangles":

I had never heard of this form of art, before I stumbled across her blog - and now that I've tried it myself, I have fallen in love with it! It's like the ultimate doodling. Apparently, it was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas - based on what every second kid does at school. :)


  1. very detailed and strong, yet delicate! I love it!

  2. Oooo I really like this! I'm a big fan of doodling; I'll definitely try it sometime!

  3. Thanks a lot, guys! I'm glad you like this.
    Mel: Go ahad and do it! It's really nice for after a tiresome day at school or just in between homework. ;)

  4. WOW!!!
    Just... WOW!!!!!!

    Whenever you post another "drawing" or "design"-star, I'm sitting here thinking "Oh, that's a nice graphic, wherever did she find it? ... Wait... OOOOOOH MYYYYY GOOOOOOOOSH!!!!!" ;]
    Since we were recently talking about capturing my first reaction in writing...

    Seriously, though, once again this star is amazing! The detail! And the balance! And the evenness of the checkered bit! And the beautiful, beautiful design of those tear-shaped thingies next to the checks! And the leaves!! And...