229. Couch Constellation

I have this very funny book about happiness or good fortune or luck (or any of the various translations there are for the German word "Glück"). On one page, there's a black sky with lots of stars and the reader is told to create their very own new constellation or even a new zodiac sign with associated characteristics etc.

Step 1: Randomly connect any stars. No need for a bad conscience: That's just how the "real" constellation were developed.
Step 2: Which traits and characteristics did you always want to have? Assign them to your new zodiac sign. There's nothing negative, endearing quirks at the most.
Step 3: From now on, you are under the influence and special protection of this completely individual cosmic constellation. Can you feel it yet? The stars never lie!

So, here's what I came up with today:

This is the "Couch Constellation". It can be best observed during late autumn and winter, but is also still visible throughout springtime lethargy and during close weather in summer. This constellation is associated with the ability to treasure a good long rest on a sofa, a cup of hot chocolate and good music. It's for daydreamers, wandering minds, creative thinkers, and people who need to recharge their batteries. Very popular among psychologists.

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