228. Space Traffic on Milky Way

Yay, today's project is somehwat insane! :D

Over the past three days I've been working on a very special kind of street... I wanted to make the milky way - out of actual milk.

Now, here it is:

See how the street sign can change its language:

Apparently, on the Milky Way they're driving on the right...
I was having a lot of fun folding all kinds of different paper spaceships. A mere few minutes before I was going to pour the milk, I suddenly thought that I simply had to add a little blue box here, somewhere - it's not very detailed but recognisable, I'm sure, especially since it is lopsided as ever. :D
Those spaceships did float rather well, except they kept drifting towards the edges, so on many pictures it looked like they were about to crash or - as in the first one - drift over into the oncoming lane...

Here's what the basic piece looked like before being flooded:

It's made of cardboard covered with tin foil. The sides are plain black paper with some stars painted on them. The centre line is made of a long straw painted black. The size of the whole thing is about 36 x 26 cm, so, actually quite small. All the more surprising how much milk fit in there: I didn't have enough and had to fill it up with water until it was more than half a litre.

This was great fun! (And a big mess in the end...) :D


  1. Love it! This is a very fine creative project of unexpected materials.

    1. Thanks Gina! Honestly, it was a little unexpected for me, too. I wouldn't have thought I'd actually do this...! ;)

  2. By special request: My first reaction to seeing this entry!

    Oh nein!
    *realizes it's ACTUAL milk*
    OH NEIN!!!
    *starts laughing*
    *sees the police box*
    *almost falls of the chair laughing*
    "MILCHSTRASSE!! Oh nein!"


    or something very similar...

    Sis, you're creativity is insanely genious! And geniously insane!
    This is an amazing project and I will probably still be laughing about it tomorrow. Thank you so much for that!

    And it's a milky way!
    It's full of milk!
    So it's milky!
    *starts giggling again*

    I'd better stop now before this post gets blocked for spam...
    This is utterly and completely brilliant! I love the idea and the space ships and that it immediately makes me think of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy every time I look at it...
    Thank you!!!


    1. Hahaha! Good to know that your comments are about as daft as my projects, Sis! ;D Lovely reaction, thank you for sharing your fun!^^