286. Star Bread Reprise

Did I mention I'm out of energy here? The stars have been running on reserve for the past few weeks and no change in sight so far... Yesterday, I happened to make some stars when I meant to bake bread and I had too much dough for my small loaf pan. So I used my two little star-shaped moulds to make rolls.

I have done that before...

But due to a lack of energy and better ideas, I have to swallow my first pill of meaningless repetition. (There has been repetition before, but that was for important reasons...) - By the way: I could have gone for a different mould which I think I have not yet used on this project... But that's just how my brain works these days, I suppose...

And above all, I forgot to take a picture before I took a bite. So, here is the star hiding its mutilation at the side of a bowl of soup (plus some rather delicious self-made ginger butter):

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