271. Shooting Stars

Alright, this is yesterday's star and I admit that I only finished it today. I tried some things yesterday but they didn't work out and I was too tired to try some more (let alone start an entirely new one...).

I was prompted to make a video and this one is a tribute to Gabi, who makes one every day for her year-long project! It's also dedicated to my wonderful sister who came up with this fantastic idea as we were brainstorming on the phone for possible videos. :)

So, here it is now - late, but it worked:

Yes, this is all in one take - no cuts or anything! :D The first two takes were awful, I hit everything but the black hole. But I guess three really is the lucky number today. ;)


  1. AWESOME!!!
    I love the music, gives the whole thing a nice dramatic touch XD
    What kind of stars are those? They look like wood...
    Anyway, it looks pretty cool, I'm gonna try it, too, as soon as find something to shoot ;]

    I'm glad I could offer an idea! And even more glad that you made it work!! Yay, Sis! ;]

  2. Yes, they are little wooden stars - unbreakable. ;)
    Thanks for your enthusiasm, as usual! :D

  3. Really well done! Clever idea and nice theatrical timing with the music.