280. Star-Cut Sausage

Last night, a friend had invited me over along with some others to eat Chinese hot pot. What a feast! I don't think I've ever had such a huge variety of hitherto unknown food in one night! Probably the most ordinary ingredient were those tiny sausages - cut on one end to pop open in a funny, flower-like way. I added some more cuts to mine and after a minute in the boiling water recieved something resembling a star enough to let it count:

I tried to compile a list of everything we threw in there, but I can raise no claims to completeness:
Surimi, shrimps, pork, bacon, meat balls, mini sausages, shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, cloud ear fungus, radish, potatoes, purple sweet potatoes, tofu, tofu skin, tofu bamboo, crisp tofu balls, rice cake slices, Chinese cabbage, iceberg lettuce, flat crystal noodles…

That might have been it…

It’s all cooked in water spiced with a rather hot (for Germans at least...) paste, tomatoes, and ginger. Then it’s dipped into a fantastic kind of sesame sauce before eaten.
It's like the ultimate fondue. I love this! :D


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