183. "Bergfest" Star

Today was my project's half-time! I can't really believe it, especially since it is very much just a sideline at the moment and I keep forgetting about my stars. Still, I wanted to make something significant, connected to having made it through half a year.
There's an expression in German for the day which marks the middle of a certain period of time: "Bergfest" which roughly translates to "mountain celebration". So, I made a star out of a mountain today:

It's a picture of the very summit of the Zugspitze - Germany's highest mountain which is not very far from where I'm currently staying - repeated eight times over and arranged in a circle. Unfortunately, the quality of the original picture wasn't too good, so it's a little pixelated, but it serves the purpose. :)

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  1. Herzlichen Glückwusch!
    Du hast langen Atem und viele Ideen!

    ...in Anlehnung an dein Projekt heute: