152. Star Flakes

Right, I remember how I decided that simply taking a photo of a star would not be enough - I'd have to contribute something to the star for it to become one. Today's project is a bit controversial when it comes to that resolution because what I did was basically take some photos.
But: It wasn't as easy as that. I had to play around with my camera's functions in order to get a sharply focused picture of those tiny tiny tiny snowflakes that came down this morning. The advantage with really tiny snowflakes is that they are actually seperate snowflakes that look like crystal stars.

(The fabric of my jacket which they fell on actually looks like the smoothest fabric you can imagine, so that might give you an idea of how closely this is zoomed in...)

The other thing I did to 'make' these stars was to reduce the contrast of the background a little on the computer so that the snowflakes would be visible more clearly.
I simply love the look of real snowflakes so these just have to count.
Right, I convinced myself. :)


  1. This is fantastic! It totally counts!

  2. Wow, ich finde auch, dass das definitiv zählt! Faszinierende Fotos. Lieben Dank fürs Teilen - sowas sieht man dann ja noch nicht alle Tage aus nächster Nähe =)

  3. Thanks, you two! Glad you agree! :)